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Shaft Measuring Machines
TMM Series

The TMM is a bigger and more robust version of the eco TMM. Built of a stable granite construction, this floor standing shaft measuring machine allows for even more precise and stable measurements as well as larger measuring ranges. The TMM is equipped as standard with a high resolution CMOS matrix camera, both a segment controllable LED surface light and coaxial surface light, as well as a rotation axis. This ensures the high precision measurement of profile and surface contours, such as slots, blind holes, and shaft runout.

TMM 300

TMM 300

Product Features
  • Models: 300, 600, 1000

  • Robust floor standing granite construction

  • CNC controlled drive system

  • Rotation axis as standard

  • Telecentric LED transmitted light, programmable segmented LED surface ring light

  • Additional coaxial surface light

  • Telecentric 1.5x objective

  • 1.3 MP B/W CMOS matrix camera

  • TOPAS MULTI SOFT measuring software

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