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What We Do

Our Technology

Having developed a full understanding of the demands of manufacturing to Western standards while applying similar manufacturing processes and procedures, ZSM Metrology has become specialists in the field of design and production of high precision, fast optical measurement systems for a broad range of industrial measurement applications. Our development is mainly focused on machine structure, measuring speed, measuring software and CNC control in order to provide fast, easy, non-contact measuring operations.


Our 100% subsidiary in Qingdao is home to our production, where a team of about 80 highly skilled and experienced production staff is working on supplying what we do best: precise and highly reliable optical measuring solutions. Our quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 is not only a theoretical concept to us, but something we do, think and live every day.


Take a look at our production in the video below:

Our Vision

Our goal is to supply measuring solutions not only to customers with established metrology laboratories, but also to support small and middle sized companies when starting to invest in measuring equipment. We do so by making sure that our measuring software is easy to use with a comprehensive basis of measuring functions at the same time. Additionally, most of our measuring machines make use of the beneficial properties of granite, making them suitable for usage on the shop floor. Along with a comprehensive service of pre and after sales, we want to make a contribution for smaller companies to develop their quality inspection in order to meet today’s demands for quality management along the supply chain.

Our Philosophy

All ZSM products are designed and developed with one purpose: to understand and fulfill all customer needs with quality measurement solutions. This goal is reached through interactive communication in order to provide our customers with the best advice and solution for their measuring tasks. Through shared communication and application test measurements, our engineers will recommend the most optimal solutions for the customer’s measuring needs.  Moreover, the development of a new or modification to a specific machine to suit specific customer demands is always an option. All communication with our customers is conducted in a highly professional and personal manner. We strive to listen to our customers not with the objective to simply answer but with the priority to fully understand and satisfy our customer needs!


Continuous Improvement


Fulfill Customer Needs


Professional and Personal


Listening to Understand

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