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Our Products

The ZSM family of products include: profile projectors, image processing measuring machines as well as a range of granite measuring tools and accessories . Our products are suitable for usage in environments such as incoming goods inspection, quality control and production lines. By using granite as a base for many machine components, we ensure that our machines deliver reliable results even in unfavorable environmental conditions and are not sensitive to temperature fluctuations or vibrations. Our 2D image processing measuring software TOPAS MULTI SOFT  is easy to understand and use with its comprehensive functions for 2D image processing based on the measurement of workpieces. This makes our products suitable for a large range of companies – whether it is a company with an existing metrology laboratory or one that is just starting to invest in measuring machines.


Our product philosophy, consistent with all product series, is to provide systems that have comprehensive standard configurations – in terms of hardware and software. In doing so, we make sure that our products are ready to use without any hidden costs. In addition to the standard product line offering, we can develop customer specific measuring solutions on request.

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