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Optical Measuring Systems
Scan View Q

The Scan View Q family of video systems is the latest addition to ZSM’s product line. This compact field of view system possesses a telecentric objective with large field of view to deliver a fast, simple, and accurate X/Y measurement of both simple and complex parts. Part programming is greatly facilitated with the measuring software TOPAS QUICK SOFT, which is based on the TOPAS MULTI SOFT but is equipped with a profile scanning function in addition to the regular measuring functions. This allows the part to be put anywhere within the field of view without the need to align it and it is measured with just one click. Measurement times are significantly reduced with typical measurement routines of either single or multiple parts being completed in a matter of seconds. The Scan View Q is an attractive solution for applications where there is demand for fast, accurate non-contact measurement of 2D X/Y profiles and geometry.

Scan View Q

Scan View Q

Product Features
  • Models: I, II, III with three different field of view sizes

  • Telecentric objective

  • Flat LED transmitted sub-stage light

  • Telecentric transmitted light as well as surface light available as option

  • Compact and portable

  • TOPAS QUICK SOFT measuring software with profile scanning function

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