TOPAS Measuring Software

TOPAS MULTI SOFT is ZSM’s video measuring software. The home page and layout of the software is intuitive and easy to navigate, with the majority of commonly used measuring functions conveniently located on the software’s front page with single click access. The philosophy behind TOPAS is to provide a software that can be operated by users of different professional backgrounds and measuring experience – without any loss of functionality.

Based on the TOPAS MULTI SOFT platform there are different versions available for different kinds of measuring machines:

  • TOPAS PRO SOFT: for profile projectors with image processing systems

  • TOPAS MULTI SOFT manual: for manual video systems

  • TOPAS MULTI SOFT CNC: for all kinds of CNC-controlled video systems

  • TOPAS QUICK SOFT: for field of view systems with additional profile scanning function

However, all TOPAS versions come equipped with a wide range of measuring functions which are by default included in the standard configuration.


TOPAS Features
  • Measurement of elements, such as point, line, circle, arc, etc.

  • Element construction, such as parallel shift, rotation, symmetry, etc.

  • Calculation of elements, such as diameter, angle, distance, section point, etc.

  • Matrix programming enables the user to create a matrix palette measuring program by shifting or rotating the measured elements

  • Offline programming by importing DXF drawing

  • Easy creation and handling of several coordinate systems

  • Professional tolerance functions, such as form and position tolerance, roundness, etc.

  • Intuitive reporting and easy export to different formats, including Excel and DXF

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