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Optical Measuring Machines
eco View Series

This market entry bench top video measuring system is available in either 200 x 100 x 100 mm or 250 x 100 x 100 mm X/Y/Z configuration. The compact design along with the precision workstage made of hardened aluminum alloy provides a video system that is both lightweight and reliable in performance. Equipped with the TOPAS MULTI SOFT measuring software, this series is easy to use providing operators with fast and simple measurement capabilities, furnished with both basic and complex measurement routines. Competitively priced, the eco View is an ideal video measurement solution for non-contact measurement applications.

eco View 200 CNC

eco View 200 CNC

eco View Manual

eco View Manual

Product Features
  • Models: 200, 250

  • Precision workstage made of hardened aluminum with T-slots

  • Manual drive system, upgradable to CNC drive system

  • Telecentric LED transmitted light, programmable segmented LED surface ring light

  • Additional coaxial surface light

  • Telecentric 1.5x objective

  • 1.3 MP B/W CMOS camera

  • TOPAS MULTI SOFT measuring software

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