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Shaft Measuring Machines
eco TMM Series

The eco TMM series is a line of bench top video measuring machines dedicated for shaft measuring applications. Equipped with a high resolution CMOS matrix camera and both a segment controllable LED surface light and coaxial surface light, it ensures high precision measurement in the length and axial directions, as well as of profile and surface contours, such as slots and blind holes. Combined with the optionally available rotation axis, the eco TMM can also measure the shaft’s runout. The eco TMM is a compact and affordable alternative to larger shaft measuring machines, while offering users the same range of functions.

Eco TMM 200

Eco TMM 200

Product Features
  • Models: 200, 300, 400

  • Compact, bench top design

  • CNC controlled drive system

  • Rotation axis available as option

  • Telecentric LED transmitted light, programmable segmented LED surface ring light

  • Additional coaxial surface light

  • Telecentric 1.5x objective

  • 1.3 MP B/W CMOS matrix camera

  • TOPAS MULTI SOFT measuring software

  • Cost-effective solution for measuring different kinds of shafts

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