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Optical Measuring Systems
Port View Series

A robust granite bridge gantry design is essential when working with high capacity measurement applications. The workstage of the Port View series moves in the Y axis while the bridge is fixed with the sensor head moving in the Y/Z axis, maintaining both performance and accuracy. The range of this line includes multiple options and extends to 700x500x300 mm. This series is an ideal solution for a range of larger measurement demands.

Port View 700

Port View 700

Product Features
  • Models: 300, 400, 500, 600, 700

  • Robust gantry bridge design made of granite

  • CNC controlled drive system

  • Telecentric LED transmitted light and programmable segmented LED surface ring light

  • Autozoom objective 0.7-4.5x with additional coaxial surface light

  • 1.3 MP B/W CMOS camera

  • TOPAS MULTI SOFT measuring software

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