POMA Series

Due to their robust construction the POMA series delivers a reliable and stable performance even under harsh conditions, such as in industrial manufacturing environments. These kinds of environments, where temperature fluctuations and floor vibrations are present, generally create a special range of challenges for measuring machines. However, these challenges are easily overcome by the POMA series. The basic granite construction of the POMA projectors has a low thermal expansion and is not sensitive to floor vibrations or other external influences.

Product Features
  • Models: 360V, 360H, 600V, 600H

  • Floor standing solid and stable granite construction

  • Precision granite workstage

  • Horizontal or vertical light path configuration

  • Measurement of both profile and surface contours

  • Double lens sliding mechanism

  • Suitable for harsh working environments with temperature fluctuations and vibrations

  • Comprehensive standard configuration including digital readout with measuring functions and a set of 10x and 20x objective lens

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