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Inspect Pro 360 Series Profile Projectors

July 06, 2016

Zhaoschneider Messtechnik has a new addition to the already established profile projector product line. The Inspect Pro 360 series are bench mount all steel construction platforms and come supplied with a comprehensive configuration at no additional cost.

Inspect Pro Series are available with either horizontal or vertical light path configurations. Standard features include:

  • 360 mm diameter screen with crosshairs

  • 200 x 100mm X/Y measuring range

  • Long Life LED profile and surface illumination

  • Motor assisted focus fine/coarse

  • X/Y digital readout display

  • Indexed lens slide, supporting 2 off objective lens

  • x10 / x20 objective

The Inspect Pro 360 series is an attractive non-contact measurement solution for applications which demand an accurate measurement of both profile and surface geometric features.

For more information, please contact us at info(at)

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