Inspect Pro Series

The competitively priced, stable all steel structure Inspect Pro series is configured with either a 360 mm (bench mount) or 600 mm (floor standing) diameter screen with crosshairs. The workstage is constructed from hardened aluminum alloy and is both robust and lightweight. Inspect Pro has a manual drive system with a motor assisted focus adjustment. The LED transmitted light and adjustable surface illumination feature gives customers the flexibility of working with both the profile and surface measurement applications. The Inspect Pro series profile projector line is suitable for both the shop floor and laboratory inspection environments.

The series is equipped with a digital readout display for X/Y measurement, optional also for the angle or focus axis. It includes a variety of basic functions and geometric tools (including skew, point, line, circle, distance and angle) which allows for the measurement of standard elements.

Product Features
  • Models: 360V, 360H, 600V, 600H

  • Horizontal or vertical light path configuration

  • Lightweight, durable, stable construction

  • Precision X\Y workstage made of hardened aluminum alloy

  • Measurement of both profile and surface contours

  • Double lens sliding mechanism

  • Suitable for workshop and laboratory conditions

  • Comprehensive standard configuration including digital readout with measuring functions and a set of 10x and 20x objective lens

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