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Profile Projector
BOMA Series

The BOMA series of floor standing profile projectors are equipped with solid and stable construction platforms that are designed to withstand the demands of heavy industry large capacity measurement applications. Screen diameter options extend to 1500 mm and the precision heavy duty workstages are capable of supporting heavy weights up to 200 kg. Motor drives for the workstage are standard. This combination makes the BOMA series an ideal measurement solution where there is a demand to view and measure heavy workpiece profiles and features.

The series is equipped with a digital readout display for X/Y measurement, optional also for the angle or focus axis. It includes a variety of basic functions and geometric tools (including skew, point, line, circle, distance and angle) which allows for the measurement of standard elements. Optional image processing including camera, software and CNC drives can be configured with the BOMA series line.



BOMA 1000V

BOMA 1000V

Product Features
  • Models: 600H/V, 750H/V, 1000H/V, 1200H/V, 1500H/V

  • Horizontal or vertical light path configuration

  • Stable steel and granite construction

  • Precision X\Y motorized workstage

  • Measurement of both profile and surface contours

  • 3 lens rotary turret

  • Hood and curtains

  • Comprehensive standard configuration including digital readout with measuring functions and a precision 10x objective lens

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